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by Jason Gaines

About our Company:

Geared Up Consulting Agency, LLC. was opened in May of 2014, to bring back the true consultative approach to developing relationships, to put the client in control at all times. The company has a focus on maintaining the client’s best interest as paramount, while providing world class financial and software solutions to small and midsized businesses.  

Here at Geared Up Consulting Agency, we have no contracts, no cancellation fees and all our services are month to month agreements.  We always put the client’s needs first, and the client is in control at all times. We provide a wide array of business financial services and software solutions.

Why Geared Up?

The conversation with our clients and prospects usually starts with card processing, as exorbitant fees are an issue all business owners encounter.  By providing you with a free, detailed financial analysis, we show you precisely how we will save you money each month on your credit card fees. We then consult with you to appropriately allocate a portion of those funds, to digital marketing tactics which are proven to scale your business and generate more revenue.

Trust is the major component in every business and should always be an integral part of the relationship building process. However, in the unregulated card processing industry it can be especially hard to find the right partner.  Not everyone chooses to be as scrupulous, as we require. By providing rates so low that nobody will compete with and boutique client care we become a trustworthy resource for our clients for a wide breadth of financial and software solutions.  We insist on maintaining transparency, and have a heavy focus on client education. 

The CEO:

Jason Gaines has 25 year experience in sales and business development. Jason was tired of the underhanded tactics of big business that have been allowed to shamelessly employ without accountability. Large companies take all the power away from the client, often locking unsuspecting people into long term contracts. Jason decided to leave the big business he was working for and focus on a smaller more personal approach, giving the power back to the small business.

Jason is also a mentor to several young professionals, teaching them about sincerity and how business should be done. Jason always makes time for his mentees making himself available to guide and teach. 


“Jason took me under his wing and helped mentor me into a strong SDR at my current company. He always took the time to reach out and make sure I was applying the skills he taught me every week.” -Max
Maxwell Moscowitz